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2009年全国硕士研究生入学考试英语试题答案  中国教育在线考研频道    2009-11-12    


6-10 ADCBD

11-15 DBCDA

16-20 CBAAC

21-25 ABCAA

26-30 ACDAB

31-35 DBBAC

36-40 BBDAC

41-45 CEABG

46.It may be said that the measure of the worth of any social institution is its effect in enlarging and improving experience ,but this effect is not a part of its original motive


47. Only gradually was the by-product of the institution noted. and only more gradually still was this effect considered as a directive factor in the conduct of the institution。


48. while it is easy to ignore in our contact with them the effect of our acts upon their disposition. it is not so easy as in dealing with adults.


49. Since our chief business with them is to enable them to share in a common life we cannot help considering whether or not we are forming the powers which will secure this ability.


50. We are thus led to distinguish. within the broad educational process which we have been so far considering. a more formal kind of education-that of direct tuition or schooling.




1 给出自己简短的看法和观点

2 给出2-3条建议


Dear Editors,

I, as your faithful reader, am writing this letter to suggest that plastic bags should be restricted in our daily life. However, to my surprise and sadness, I have found that disposable plastic bags are still widely used in some areas just because people are unwilling to change their old habits, thus causing their surroundings to be even worse.

To solve this serious problem, I would like to put forward a couple of practical suggestions. Above all, our country should establish a strong agency to limit the production of those bags and monitor the use of them. Furthermore, some other choices should be adovcated to replace plastic bags with paper or bamboo ones. Finally, consumers should pay for the use of plastic bags so as to enhance their consciousness of environmental protection.

I really hope my suggestions would attract your due attention and receive an early reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Li Ming



一 客观描述图

二 说明意思

三 给出观点


As is vividly depicted in the drawing, in front of computers and in narrow spaces are sitting many people, exchanging their views with each other by surfing the Internet. How impressive the drawing is in describing the people’s addiction to the Internet. The drawer’s intention seems to be highly self-evident and the meaning causes us to be thought-provoking.

It holds apparent that the cartoon is indicative of a pervasive problem with regard to Internet. When it comes to(一谈到) Internet,its great impacts and benefits can’t be too estimated. It is the Internet that makes our big world become a global village. However, as a growing number of individuals are addicted to (沉溺于) the Internet, they forget doing other important work and are gradually indulged in(沉溺在) the virtual world, unwilling to go into the real society. As a consequence(因此), they close their doors and never go out as soon as they return home from work, reluctant to have any face-to-face connection even with other folks except on line. What’s worse, they become indifferent(漠不关心)to their friends, neighbours, as well as relatives.

This phenomenon is harmful to us and our community too. As the pressure in life and work increases, we should learn to use proper ways to relieve it. It’s time that we took some measures to improve the situation. People can be organized to hold some activities together to develop some good hobbies. Consequently, we must make full use of Internet to do everything beneficial to make our daily life both joyful and meaningful. (272 words )

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